Using quick parts in M365 and Word

Your average end-user does not like to have to repeat themselves, so asking them to fill in a word-template and afterwards asking for the same values to be filled in as metadata will upset them. This is where we look at how we can help users saving time and limiting annoyances. While there are several means to an end, in this post we will focus on the use of Quick Parts in Office 365 and Word.

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A modern approach on connected web parts in O365

For those among us that had/have the pleasure to work with SharePoint on-prem, you may know that you have the option to use Connected web parts.

For quite a while, this simple option was not available in SharePoint online. Currently Connected Web Parts in Office 365 is something you can play with, and which has reached a mature level. In this post we’ll go through the possibilities and limitations of connected web parts, and some business cases where you can use them.

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How to manage Hub navigation security trimming

When you setup sites in a larger organization, you’re probably going to investigate Hub Sites to manage the site structure. The configuration of Hub Sites allows you to create a general navigation structure that automatically is pushed to all sites linked to the Hub site,

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