Process Redesign

Office 365 and SharePoint environments are only as powerful as the people managing them. Allow your users to get more out of their information by using the latest add-ons. With information often stored in separate silos, a decent analysis is needed to know how separate processes and documents are tied together.


With results in hand of the analysis, a first modelling can be done together with the people involved in the processes. Workshops and diagrams help here to communicate the direction of the future solution.

Implementing the solution is putting the real power in place, using either your platform’s Power Platform, or implementing a third-party solution like Nintex. At Cresyl we help to build the correct business case for either path, taking into account your organization’s future expectations and needs.

Process Modeling

The last aspect of redesigning the way you work is to look at the possibilities to migrate existing content into the new solution. A quick way is to migrate the old information into an archive repository, but for compliancy and practical reasons, it could be of value to enrich the existing information to adhere to the newly setup solution.