Jim Ongena

Jim has a very extensive area of interest, as a result of, and resulting in his flexibility to address new challenges. Within his role he carries out various tasks, ranging from training, to analysis processes to project follow-up.

The areas of knowledge in which Jim specializes are mainly within Office 365, process analysis and the development of a forward-looking roadmap for customers.

With 14 years of experience, Jim can boast of a thorough knowledge of both the on-prem and cloud environments, which allows you to have an idea of current and future developments and expectations. With this context in mind, Jim tries to stay as close as possible to SharePoint’s default capabilities.

Although Jim does have an IT background, his mindset can sometimes be somewhat alternative, with never the fear of coming up with solutions that go outside the usual framework.

When it comes to processes and requirements, Jim can translate them into solutions and configuras in Office 365 and SharePoint. For solutions where developments are still needed, he will of course call on specialized people. He is able to support both colleagues and customers on a functional and technical level.

Jim Unnin